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Become a member and have the ability to utilize the e-business functions to sell, promote or market your e-business products or services. As a member you will receive outstanding USSBA Benefits and have the ability to use these promotional tools to promote your e-business. You can also Advertise your product or services to other members and the public on USSBA.


GoodBytes Information Products Inc. is providing a marketing information resource Make Your SITE SELL!, by Ken Envoy, MD. This publication contains 800+ pages jam-packed with completely original content that shows you step-by-step how to double, triple, or even quadruple sales from your Web site.

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If you have intellectual property or information you think the rest of the world would like to know or you think would help others succeed, the award winning Make Your KNOWLEDGE SELLl, also written by Ken Envoy, MD., could help. This publication shows you how to create, produce, distribute and sell e-books on the Internet.

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Product pricing is probably the most important thing you do in your e-business. How do you price your product making sure that the market will accept and buy your product or service? The answer is simple, use Make Your PRICE SELLl, also written by Ken Envoy, MD and know for sure!! This publication gives you the tools necessary to test the market for just the right price, and more especially, "The one that will make the most money!!!"

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Running a small business is HARD!! Getting a Website is EASY!!!

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Use Business Filings to set up a corporation or LLC anywhere in the 50 United States

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Once you have a Website, getting people to find it can be a challenge. Yahoo Search Marketing is the answer in most cases.

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